Best Quality and Affordable pleated mosquito net windows

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    Best Quality and Affordable pleated mosquito net windows

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    Our Welldone Mosquito Nets Provide safety against Mosquitoes, Insects and other flies without using any harmful chemicals, Electrical Energy and Gases. The High Quality Design, Best as well as Fine Material, Professional Workers, Environment and Budget friendly, quick installation, and easy maintenance make it a suitable and the most appropriate product for Home, Hospitals, Colleges, Resorts, Hotels Food Processing Units, Factories, Offices, etc. We are the leading fabricators and manufacturer of mosquito net for windows, doors.

    Why Welldone Netlon services for Pleated Mosquito Nets In Chennai

    Our Pleated Mosquito net is manufactured using the highest quality materials and fiber glass yarn using sophisticated technology. The main Distinguished Characteristics of Pleated mosquito nets are, it is strong, allowing sunlight to pass through by filtering the UV rays, fire resistance, tear resistance, and resistant to deform. Our Fiber mesh used in the Pleated Mosquito net is more durable than regular plastic mosquito net and We have designed a unique and a simple mosquito net to protect you and your family from mosquito borne diseases. So, If you want to get rid of the harmful side effects of using mosquito sprays, coils, mats, and repellents avail our Welldone Netlon Services. It’s life saving compared to other repellents available in the Market and safe for your family, especially if you have kids.

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    Pleated sliding mosquito nets


    Pleated Door screens are designed to integrate the best Fit to your living areas so they give a special attraction to your home. Our systems are suitable for every type of windows, balcony, and doors.
    These Pleated net systems have retractable screens for double cassette doors and Balconies that come with wider openings to allow sunlight and fresh air to pass but meshed closely enough to keep insects.

    Mechanism and Fittings of Pleated Mosquito System

    These types of mosquito nets are high in the lavish look on your windows and doors. In this type, a zig-zag-shaped fiber-glass will be folded and a set of ropes will be inserted in between the foldings. Then the folded mesh will be pleated at one side (either at right or left) and pull towards the other end for closing. That’s why the mechanism in this design is quite different from comparing it with the other.

    Mosquito Net Fixing

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    These type of pleated system can be fixed either to the wooden window or to the Aluminium / UPVC window. Fabricated fibre-Glass is the only material that can be used in this type of system. The fiber-glass will pass though the ropes whose edges will be fixed with wheels on both ends. This also contains AL- alloy panels on all the four sides including the pleated panel.

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