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    Whether you are worrying about mosquito and other harmful insects entering to your home, offices or other premises? Then the best solution will be fixing mosquito nets and get rid from these insects’ harmful bites. Mosquito nets are safe and environment friendly compared to other coils and mosquito repellents. These are easy to use and Clean. Welldone Netlon Services offers wide variety of mosquito nets like sliding type, pleated, roller shutting type, stainless steel, Aluminium, Velcro type, magnetic and Fibre mesh. We offers affordable mosquito nets suitable for Windows, Doors, Beds and balcony wherever in Chennai and provide Doorstep Delivery. Whenever we are getting request for your order, our experts will confirm and reach there.
    They will take the measurement, specifications and choose type of mosquito nets suitable for window according to your preference. After manufacturing mosquito net our expert will reach ther and provide free Installation with 1 year Guarantee. Mosquito net Fixing will be different for each type of systema dn the time for fixing will depend on it. As our experts are having more than 5 years experience in this field they will fix within no time compared to others.

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    In Pleated type system, the fibre-glass will be folded like zig-zag and a set of ropes will be inserted in between the foldings. The zig-zag folded mesh will be pleated at one side (either at right or left) and pull towards the other end for closing.The fibre-glass will pass though the ropes whose edges will be fixed with wheels on both the ends. This also contains AL- alloy panels on all the four sides including the pleated panel. Get high-Quality mosquito nets in Chennai now itself.

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    In roller shutter System, Strong panels will be screwed to hold the mesh on the left and right side of the window net. A round pipe will be cut to the size of window width and the mesh will be rolled in it and fixed tightly with spring systems and finally inserted into a round alloy panel. This will be fixed as the top panel of the windows. A plate will be attached to the outer end of the mesh and it contains a center hole in which a thread will be tied to pull and push the mesh from top to bottom. Phifer Quality Fibre-Glass is the only material that can be used in this roller-shutter design. This model can be fixed either to the wooden window as well on the Aluminium / UPVC window.

    In two track sliding system

    In two track sliding system, the retractable Aluminium nets will be used for double cassette doors and Balconies. We use an exclusive bottom rolling wheel system for the smooth functioning of sliding screen doors and windows.

    Demerits of other Mosquito Repellents:

    • Mosquito Bats: It’s not possible to use mosquito bats in case of other works. We have to run after these deadly mosquitos if we are using bats.It’s time consuming and not effective.
    • Creams: It won’t be good for skin and not safe for children
    • Mosquito Coils: Harmful Fumes not safe for Human Being and not eco friendly preventive measure.
    • Electric Fly traps: Wastage of Electricity and pollution.
    Mosquito Net Fixing

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    Want to know about the price ?

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     Whenever we are getting your order through phone or mail, our staff will confirm the order and reach there for measurement ad they will discuss you regarding the type, quality, designs that suited for your window, door, balcony, bed. After that, they will leave and manufacture the mosquito net accordingly. They will provide door step delivery after the completion of mosquito nets and our experts will fix and complete the works in less than an hour. Our main merits are FREE Installation and Eminent Quality Service which can’t beat by other competitors. Our customers are highly satisfied and they recommend to their friends and relatives due to budget-friendly nets and High Quality. Our team has extensive Knowledge in this mosquito fixing field and you can expect the durability of these nets without any rupture, wear & tear. Our staffs will provide most Customer friendly service with politeness and they are ready to answer your queries with patience.


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