Original Exterior With Siding Facade

Are you looking for a different material to renovate the exterior walls of your house? Don’t you want to resort to traditional plaster or wood coatings like everyone else? The Solution: Fiber cement siding can help you create the home of your dreams.

When we talk about renovating your house, you may have different ideas than your neighbors. For example, you think brick veneers are pretty conventional, and plaster maintenance is a nightmare. The wood siding looks great, but it tends to wear out quickly. So what is the answer? To put our stamp on your home with unique exterior walls that are also durable, fiber cement boards could be the solution for at least 4 reasons:

Choice of finish

Siding Facade wood texture

Treat your exterior walls with wood’s aesthetic qualities without maintenance, cracks, parasites, discoloration, flammability, etc.

Siding Facade smooth

This elegant finish gives a modern and contemporary look to your exterior cladding.

Two different installation styles

Facade boards can be installed in 2 different ways to achieve a totally different look.

> Overlapping installation: this is the traditional method that refers to the wood cladding of farms or country houses.

> Exposed joint installation for a more modern finish and a more elegant appearance.

Of course, you can bring a professional to install your Facade cladding. However, a skilled person is perfectly capable of installing fiber cement siding on their own.

Horizontal or vertical

In most cases, the siding is installed horizontally. But there is nothing to stop you from installing the plates vertically. It is becoming a big trend! Vertical boards add a contemporary touch to the walls of your home.

Available in 6 colors

It is unnecessary to paint fiber cement boards: they are already coated with several layers of paint. As a result, its color does not disappear from exposure to the sun or bad weather. In addition, you can easily clean them with water without fear of discoloration.

The Facade tables come in 6 colors ranging from pristine white to sand or mahogany or bolder colors like gray or oak. We can help you choose the perfect color for your exterior looks.

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